I'm around IT Infrastructure Services, IT Security, supporting Dev's and working in Infra-Ops at Plan International Deutschland e.V. in Hamburg, Germany.

I have experience with, in no particular order:

Noteworthy things I want to get into or get better at, in no particular order:

Here are some of my projects

Logo for 'dotfiles' software project, depicting a gear, code brackets, and computer terminal icon, symbolizing personal customization and coding. The color scheme is dark and modern, representing the technical nature of configuration files in software development.


My Dotfiles repository.

image showing the text: undefined


A smol Nginx container image.

Logo for 'Blogger' software project, featuring modern, tech-oriented design with a pencil, notebook, and digital communication icons blended with coding brackets and simplified Node.js and JavaScript motifs. The color scheme includes shades of blue and green, symbolizing technology and innovation.


Blogger is a simple blogging web application.

vscode zonefile example screenshot


Bind Zone File syntax highlighting for Visual Studio Code.

Logo for 'vscode-winst' project, featuring a complex and detailed illustration that emphasizes syntax highlighting in the Opsi-Winst scripting language. This design incorporates intricate elements such as detailed code snippets, vibrant brackets, and a rich color palette of blues, greens, yellows, and reds, conveying the intricate and functional nature of the scripting language.


Syntax highlighting of the Opsi-Winst scripting language developed by Uib GmbH for Visual Studio Code.

image showing the text: undefined


Build firefox from source using Docker, with some source code patches.

Logo for 'HTTPHeaderSurvey' software project, featuring a globe, magnifying glass, and digital network patterns to represent internet connectivity, data analysis, and network security. The color palette includes shades of blue and gray, emphasizing the project's engagement with web headers and data tracking.


Get http headers from multiple sites, save them, revisit sites and save changes.